Non-profit organization Dračia stopa (Dragon footprint) is a regional establishment located in Košice, Slovakia, which was created under the law 83/1990 Zb. o združovaní občanov on March 23, 2012. Its pimary purpose is to fill up free time for children and youth by focusing on activities related to sport and nature. We offer:

- seasonal events

- regular weekly activities for kids

- trade shows, festivals, fairs, workshops

- outdoor programs and educational projects for elementary schools and kindergartens

- single- and multi-day trips 

- daily and weekly camps


Since 2012, we have done:

- Festival of alternative lifestyle "Green Sidewalks"

- Artistic Weekend

- Festival of Free Time : Street does(n´t) Have a Chance (3x)

- workshops  "Let´s Try!" and "Team for the Future" I. and II.

- Night in the Jaymo (7x),

- Night in the Átrium (2x),

- short camp events COOLDAY (3x),

- competition Stray Shoes

- single-day and multi-day trips (+200x),

- summer and spring daily camps, spring special camp, spring weekly camp (2x),

- expo of photographs  "Lets Walk Through the Wood" (3x),

- project "Why Are We Destroing Ourselfs?" and more ... 


System of work:

OZ Dračia stopa functions in two modes :

1. Organization as the whole prepares events for general public, public entities and for members such as competitions, trips, workshops, projects...

2. Teams of members participate in various regular activities according to their focus of activity.



To become a member of Dračia stopa can person has to be at least 6 years old. Membership starts by paying a membership fee that can be prorated.


Leadership of organization (3/2016 - today):


Statutory Representative:

Ing. Ľuboš Zahradníček


Chairman: Ing. Ľuboš Zahradníček

PhDr. Jozef Gazdík

Alexander Rostáš


Control Comission:

Chairman: Božena Kolesárová

Simona Olejníková

Jakub Kristan


General Assembly: 

every members who reach 16 years.




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